Quality is sustainable at KLH


KLH have recently been re-accredited with their ISO 9001: Quality Management and ISO 14001: Environmental Management.


This has been led by Graham Lambert, Rachel Cormack and Anya Martin, who have worked hard to ensure that KLH is consistently meeting and excelling the business practice principles.


This qualification ensures that KLH is efficient and helps maintain client satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement. KLH pride themselves in becoming a more environmentally friendly office and are always looking for ways to improve; either through Bike to Work schemes to reduce carbon emissions, making their way to becoming a ‘paperless’ office and even designing their own extension to be sustainable through the use of Air Source Heat Pumps, a reed bed filtration system, natural ventilation and the use of insulation manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. This represents a small part of KLH’s commitment towards improving our environment.